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Yocan Armor Plus Wax Pen

Yocan Armor Plus Wax Pen
Yocan Armor Plus Wax Pen
Yocan Armor Plus Wax Pen
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Yocan Armor Plus Wax Pen
Yocan Armor Plus Wax Pen
Yocan Armor Plus Wax Pen
Yocan Armor Plus Wax Pen
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Yocan Armor Plus Wax Pen

The Yocan Armor Plus wax pen is designed for wax and concentrates, offering portability and potency. It has a larger battery capacity, adjustable voltage settings, and two quartz coils for efficient vaping. Whether you prefer a discreet, user-friendly option or a versatile, robust pen, the Yocan Armor Plus covers you.


  • Portability: The Armor Plus Yocan is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and use anywhere.
  • Durability: The device is made of zinc alloy, which can withstand drops and scratches.
  • Versatility: The device can handle different types of wax and concentrates with two kinds of quartz coils.
  • Performance: The vaping device can deliver smooth and efficient hits with a fast heat-up time and variable voltage settings.
  • Convenience: The device has a magnetic mouthpiece that can be easily removed, a micro-USB charging port compatible with most power sources, and an LED indicator that shows the battery level and the voltage setting.


The Armor Plus Yocan vaporizer boasts an elegant and robust construction crafted from durable zinc alloy. Featuring a user-friendly one-button interface, it incorporates an LED display to indicate the battery status and voltage settings. Slightly larger than its predecessor, the original Yocan Armor, this model measures 117mm long and 19mm in diameter. Additionally, its coil chamber is readily accessible through a convenient magnetic mouthpiece. The Armor Plus Yocan vaporizer is available in six stylish color options: silver, green, red, black, rose gold, and royal blue.


The Yocan Armor Plus dab pen boasts a 650mAh built-in battery, offering extended usage over multiple sessions. Charging this pen is a breeze using a micro-USB cable compatible with most power sources. The dab pen provides three distinct voltage settings, signified by different colored lights: 3.4V (indicated by white light), 3.8V (blue light), and 4.2V (green light). Adjusting the voltage is as simple as clicking the power button three times. Additionally, the dab pen features a convenient preheat function, activated with two quick clicks of the power button. This 10-second preheat function effectively liquefies your wax or concentrates, ensuring a smoother vaping experience.

Yocan Armor Plus Coils

The Yocan Armor Plus coils have two distinct types: the Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) and the Quartz Tri Coil (QTC). The QDC coil features a configuration of two quartz rods entwined with loops, delivering a clean and silky vapor experience. In contrast, the QTC coil boasts three quartz rods arranged in wavy patterns, producing copious vapor and more powerful hits. Both coils have rapid heating capabilities, swiftly reaching elevated temperatures within seconds. Transitioning between these coils is a breeze, as they can be unscrewed from the device's base.

Yocan Pen Quartz Dual Coil The QDC coil is ideal for users who prefer flavor over clouds. It can preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids of your wax or concentrates, giving you a smooth and tasty vaping experience. The QDC coil has a resistance of 0.75ohm and works best at low to medium voltage settings¹.

Armor Yocan Plus Quartz Tri Coil

The QTC coil is ideal for users who prefer clouds over flavor. It can produce more vapor and substantial hits, giving you a potent and satisfying vaping experience. The QTC coil has a resistance of 0.6ohm and works best at medium to high voltage settings.


  • Quartz Dual Coil: Generates Even-Heat and Clean Flavor
  • Quartz Triple Coil: Enlarged Heating Area Develops More Vapor
  • Usable Coil Cap: Protects Mouthpiece from Overheating
  • 15-Seconds Continuous Heat
  • Heats Instantly


  • Product: Dab Pen
  • Connections: 510 Thread
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Variable Voltage: 3.4V - 3.8V - 4.2V
  • Max Coil Power: 14W
  • Coil Resistance: 0.8Ω
  • Coils Compatibility: Yocan Armor Plus Coils, Yocan Regen Coils
  • Coil Installation: Screw-In
  • Height: 116.9mm
  • Diameter: 15.9mm
  • Single Button Control
  • LED Indicator

Package Includes

  • 1x Yocan Armor Plus Wax Pen (Quartz Dual Coil Preinstalled)
  • 1x Quartz Triple Coil
  • 1x Pick Tool
  • 1x USB Charger
  • User Manual

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