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Metal Pipes

Metal Pipes
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Want to smoke weed? Sure, you can blow a joint or rip a bong, but there is something classy about passing around a pipe. No doubt all the pipes are impressive, but metal pipes are exceptional due to their durability and affordability. Metal pipes are great for every smoker, either you are a beginner or a pro smoker. 

Why Choose Metal Pipes for Smoking? 

When was the last time you broke something made of metal? Metal pipes have some dominating positives over other pipes. They are the most inexpensive and yet most substantial pipes having a long useful life. Mostly, they can be unscrewed into smaller pieces, allowing easy maintenance and transportation. Some companies also offer custom metal smoking pipes; you can make a metal pipe according to your needs and preferences.

Types of Metal Smoking Pipes

There is a long list of designs with an outstanding combination of features of metal smoking pipes. Here are some famous types of metal pipes:

  • One Hitter - one-hitter has a little bowl designed to hold just 25 milligrams of cannabis (one hit). It is best for smokers who are on the move.

  • Sherlock Pipes - this great pipe is named after the famous character Sherlock Holmes. It has a curved design with a vertical handle and can hold a large amount of smoke. 

  • Chillum Pipes- chillum is the most straightforward and compact design of a metal pipe. They are small, tube-shaped pipes with no carb. 

  • Bubblers - bubblers are a hybrid of hand pipes and water bongs; these hammer-shaped pipes have a stem on one side and a bowl on another side. They offer a smooth smoking experience.

Composition of Metal Smoking Pipes

Metal pipes come in a variety of colors and designs. Different metals are used to add durability to the pipe. Generally, a metal pipe must have:

  • Bowl - bowl securely holds the cannabis and prevents it from blowing out.

  • Mouthpiece - is a tiny hole at the end of the metal pipe where you place your lips and inhales the smoke.

  • Stem - this part is present between the bowl and mouthpiece. The stem is the part that collects all the smoke and allows it to reach your mouth. 

  • Carb -  is a small hole just beside the bowl to adjust the airflow in the pipe. You place your thumb on it to control the airflow. 

  • Screen -  is a circular metallic mesh placed inside the bowl. It prevents the burnt fragments of cannabis from being inhaled by the smoker. 

How to use Metal Smoking Pipes?

New in the pipe game? Don't know how to use your new metal weed pipe? Here is a step-by-step guide to getting you started:

  1. Gather the tools: firstly, you have to gather all the necessary tools, including weed, a grinder or scissors, and a lighter.

  2. Grinding: use a grinder or scissors to cut the weed/ nugs into small even pieces.

  3. Loading: after grinding the weed, pack it in the bowl. Take the quantity according to your tolerance, need, or size of the bowl. Beginners should start with a small amount.

  4. Light the weed: create an airtight suction by placing your lips on the mouthpiece. Flame the weed with the help of a lighter.

  5. Inhaling: collect smoke in the stem by placing your thumb on the carb. When there is enough smoke, remove your thumb from the carb and inhale the smoke slowly.

Metal smoking pipes are readily available at a reasonable price. Their performance is up to the mark and provides every convenience a user desires.

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Piece Metal Smoking Pipe For Weed The road is long, but the journey is chill with a nice fat bowl packed into your smoking pipe. A 3 piece magnetic smoking pipe is made of metallic brass. Two super-strong rare earth magnets hold all three pieces together in a nifty, ergonomic design. This 3-piece m..
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