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Are you tired of consuming cannabis or tobacco through vaping and bongs? Want to try something different? Why not go for the old-school way and try smoking pipes? Smoking pipes is a gentle method that today's smokers often ignore. 

In these modern times, the practice of smoking pipes has significantly declined, but still, there are smoking pipes for sale in many parts of the world. Wooden and clay smoking pipes are primarily utilized to smoke tobacco, while borosilicate glass smoking pipes are used for herbs because they can tolerate repeated exposure to elevated temperatures.

Types of Smoking Pipes:

There are many outstanding types of pipes, each having distinct purposes and properties. However, a few popular types of smoking pipes are:

  • Briarwood pipes are the most commonly used type of smoking pipes; briarwood is a heat-resistant and saltwater-tolerant material that imparts incredible durability to the smoking pipe.

  • Corn cob pipes are cheaper and easy to maintain, usually recommended for beginners.

  • Meerschaum pipes are more expensive than cob and briarwood. However, they are exceptionally striking in appearance and have detailed engravings. 

How to Use Smoking Pipes? 

Are you excited to use your new pipe? Here is a quick guide to get you started and make your pipe-smoking game strong. Just follow these simple steps to smoke your cannabis with a pipe. 

  1. Grind the dried Marijuana flower until it achieves the consistency of loose-leaf tea. It is not required for tobacco as it already comes in crushed form. 

  2. Take a pinch of grind or tobacco and loosely fill the chamber. There must be some space between the top of the room and the sealed surface.

  3. Light the freshly packed cannabis with a lighter while inhaling simultaneously from the other end to clear the stem. 

  4. Relax and enjoy the session. 

  5. After you are finished, dump the remaining content of the chamber.

Working on a Smoking Pipe

A smoking pipe works on a very straightforward two-step mechanism. It has a chamber that holds the material, a stem to inhale the smoke, and a carb to control the airflow in the pipe. Initially, the smoker holds down the carb and draws a puff while burning the packed stuff to allow the build-up of smoke in the stem. Then finally, the carb is released, the air enters the branch, and smoke is inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Shapes of Smoking Pipes

No shape is perfect for smoking pipes; whatever form you select must fit your needs and make your experience delightful. 

  • Bent

Bent stem pipes are more comfortable because they fit easily in the mouth. But it allows saliva from your mouth to flow to the base of the chamber.

  • Billiard 

Billiard has a straight stem and bowl, positioned at an angle of 90°. The length of the shank and the height of the chamber are equal in Billiard pipes.

  • Dublin

Dublin is a variation of Billiard; it has a tapered chamber slightly tilted away from the stem.

  • Chimney 

It is also related to the Billiard; the chimney has a taller and narrower chamber which allows the slow-burning of tobacco.

Smoking pipes are a feasible option to get a rich smoking experience. They are available in several types, shapes, sizes, and materials from which you can select the best one according to your desires. Smoking pipes are still the icon of modest sophistication.

Black Cat Glass Pipe - Tom Black Cat Glass Pipe - Tom
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This glass pipe designed to be pocket-friendly and economical at the same time it's a good option for chain-smoking. It has a superior finishing with optimum durability and an alluring look. The eye-popping variety of colors and patterns make it easy to add some personality to any smoking session. M..
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Captain America Glass Pipe Captain America Glass Pipe
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Captain America Glass PipeDo you want a smoking experience with a Marvel twist! Well, then you cannot deny Classic Captain America glass pipes. Captain America is a star of the comic world. A Captain America customized glass pipe is an amazing gift for its followers. Hit like Steve Rogers with our a..
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Donut Glass Pipe Donut Glass Pipe
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Smoking is a classic way to wipe off your worries and get relaxed. The pipe is one of the most common smoking gadgets, and almost every smoker must have experienced it. Among varieties of pipes, Glass pipes are preferable for cannabis smoking because glass is a neat material; when you heat a piece o..
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Happy Dog Glass Pipe Happy Dog Glass Pipe
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It won't fetch your slippers, but it will add some fun to your smoke sessions. Check out this super cool, Dog spoon glass pipe! The wacky-looking pipe is composed of durable glass and highlights detailed color glasswork that brings it to life! The pipes compact design presents it small enough to be ..
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Metal Smoking Pipe - 3 Pieces Metal Smoking Pipe - 3 Pieces
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The road is long, but the journey is...totally chill with a nice fat bowl packed into your smoking pipe. Our Metal smoking pipe is made of metallic brass. Two super-strong rare earth magnets hold all 3 pieces together in a nifty and ergonomic design. This 3 Pisces metal smoking pipe is ideal for an..
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Penguin Glass Pipe Penguin Glass Pipe
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Smoking has been a part of the world for ages, less for their health benefits but more for pleasure and peace. Many smoking options are available in the modern era but smoking through a glass pipe is still a somewhat safer way.Penguin glass pipe, a small, funky, and cute glass pipe made up of high-q..
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Skateboard Glass Pipe - The Skater Skateboard Glass Pipe - The Skater
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This glass blown pipe designed to be pocket-friendly and economical at the same time it's a good option for chain-smoking. It has a superior finishing with optimum durability and an alluring look. The eye-popping variety of colors and patterns make it easy to add some personality to any smoking sess..
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Spin Pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt Spin Pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt
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One of the most popular smoking accessories for smoking is a twisty glass blunt Spin Pipe designed Gypsy Vapes. The Spin Pipe possesses a unique infinity-cherry to avoid rolling the joint, again and again, just imagine that. This twisty glass blunt pipe is delivered with a premium 2mm thick German-e..
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Spoon Glass Pipe 3" Swirl Lines Spoon Glass Pipe 3" Swirl Lines
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Glass spoon pipe for saleThis spoon pipe with the swirl lines pattern design is perfectly made to utilize any flower, herb, or tobacco that can be inhaled. There is a wide range of variations of glass spoon pipes. Glass spoon pipes look ethereal and appear very good to the eyes. Glass spoon pipe is ..
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The Owl - Glass Bowl Pipe The Owl - Glass Bowl Pipe
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Our double glass bowl pipe is perfect for you if you're a fan of the greatest hits but don't want to give up the classic spoon pipe's comfort and charm. The owl shaped glass bowl pipe is made of durable borosilicate glass, a double shell designed in the form of owl's eyes, a slim oval body, and a ch..
$24.95 $39.95
Ex Tax:$24.95
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