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Metal Smoking Pipe - 3 Pieces Metal Smoking Pipe - 3 Pieces
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The road is long, but the journey is...totally chill with a nice fat bowl packed into your smoking pipe. Our Metal smoking pipe is made of metallic brass. Two super-strong rare earth magnets hold all 3 pieces together in a nifty and ergonomic design. This 3 Pisces metal smoking pipe is ideal for an..
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Spin Pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt Spin Pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt
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One of the most popular smoking accessories for smoking is a twisty glass blunt Spin Pipe designed Gypsy Vapes. The Spin Pipe possesses a unique infinity-cherry to avoid rolling the joint, again and again, just imagine that. This twisty glass blunt pipe is delivered with a premium 2mm thick German-e..
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