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Glass Bubblers

Glass Bubblers
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Bubblers are types of water pipes that share similarities with both bongs and bowls. A bubbler water pipe is a unique and extraordinary way of smoking dry herbs, if you are looking for a perfect balance between a bong and a smoking pipe, you should try blubbers. Although it is quite similar to a bong, it has many benefits that are not found in a bong. 

Bubblers are generally smaller in size as compared to bongs. They are about 6 to 8 inches tall, consisting of the main chamber which is present below the bowl pack that fills with water. These magical weed smoking pipes give you a relatively filtered hit. It features a built-in bowl and rush hole design which is similar to hand pipes. There are various types of bubbler water pipes available. Some contain percolators, on the other hand, others have longer necks or more intricate designs. 

Different types of bubblers for sale include:

  • Hammer bubblers

  • Sidecar bubblers

  • Double bubblers

  • Glass bubblers

  • Sherlock bubblers

  • Silicone bubblers

  • Percolator bubblers

  • Mini bubblers

How does a bubbler work?

It consists of a bowl, a mouthpiece, and a stem. Also, there is a chamber that holds the water through which the smoke can travel. Due to this arrangement, the smoke is cooled down while passing through this route so that you can enjoy a buttery and smooth hit. Percolator, which is present in some bubblers, is an extra water chamber and helps in the process of cooling. A few bubblers also contain display carburetor holes. These carb holes allow for a faster clearing of the smoke.

Benefits of bubbler water pipes:

  • Bubblers come with a wide range of perks and benefits:

  • First of all, you can carry them anywhere you want to go as they are light, durable, and easy to handle

  • They give smoother hits with a more satisfying smoking experience.

  • Ideal for a newbie smoker who is not well familiar with bongs.

  • Water bubblers provide you with more flavor and do not give that resin taste that one gets from a pipe.  

  • Prevent your mouth from tasting like an ashtray.


- They cannot be cleaned as thoroughly and easily as compared to a bong. The reason is that they are made of a solid glass piece that cannot be disassembled. 

- It requires regular cleaning.

- Bubblers burn faster, which is a good quality if you want a quicker and smoother smoke, however, sometimes it is not enjoyable when you are smoking especially with your friends.

How can I use a smoke bubbler?

  1. Bubblers are simple water pipes that are used in the following way:

  2. Fill the bubbler with some water by adding water to the chamber and find the right water level. Make sure that the water is enough to produce bubbles and should not splash into the bowl or mouthpiece.

  3. Pack the bowl with your herb (dry herbs or loose-leaf herbs) or any other smoking material.

  4. Place your thumb on the carb hole.

  5. Ignite the herb.

  6. When you are ready to take a hit to remove your finger or thumb from the carb hole and inhale. Smoke is drawn through the water, where it percolates and diffuses. This cools down the smoke and makes it less harsh for inhalation.

Bubblers have replaced traditional pipes due to their smoother, pure and cooler hits. Choosing the right bubbler is a matter of preference. A number of cheap bubblers with good quality can be bought online.

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