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Bong, also known as binger or billy, is becoming the most common means used to smoke cannabis. They have been around for decades and come in various shapes and sizes. As the cannabis industry is becoming legalized by different states and countries, bongs are becoming more popular. It usually consists of these parts:

  • Bowl

  • Carb or Carburettor

  • Downstem

  • Base

  • Tube

If you are a beginner or even an experienced smoker, read on to know everything related to bongs.

How do bongs work?

The main function of a bong is to filter and cool down the smoke that comes from the burning of cannabis. It consists of a small bowl that holds dried cannabis which undergoes combustion upon lighting it up. When you inhale, water at the bottom bubbles or percolates. Smoke is generated and rises up from the water and the chamber.

The versatility of bongs:

Bongs come with a lot of diversity in style, shape, color, working phenomenon as well as cost. so that you can choose whatever suits your pocket and taste. Some examples include:

  • Straight bangs are the simplest type of bongs best for newcomers.

  • Beaker bongs have an eye-catching design that features the shape of a flask, a wide flared base, which tapers up into a straight neck.

  • Percolator bongs are the best option for clean and cool smoke. It maximizes the contact between the smoke and water which results in a smoother and cooler hit.

  • Ice bongs provide the coolest smoke that a bong can possibly offer. 

  • Mini Bongs are not only portable but also give smaller hits.

  • Big bongs are an undeniable item for gatherings and parties. 

Glass is the Best Material for Bongs:

Although glass is seen as a fragile material, however, the one used for bongs is not. Manufacturers prefer glass over other materials for making bong because of the plethora of benefits it offers such as 

  • It provides a smooth surface that gives a better grip and is easier to clean. 

  • One of the greatest advantages of using a glass bong is that it is a non-porous and non-combustible substance and adds nothing harmful to the smoke.

  • Unlike other materials, it provides an uninhabitable environment for bacteria and remains odor-free (if you clean it regularly). 

  • Glass bongs also do not get too hot, unlike other materials due to their decreased conductance of heat. 

Unique Bongs for Sale:

Bongs are available for sale in our online shop in various types, sizes, colors, and shapes. Most smokers prefer to buy bongs from local smoke shops but it is perfectly legal if you want to buy online. If you are a newcomer to this world, it is better to start with something easy and simple.

Bongs provide a much smoother smoke which is less harsh on the throat and lungs. Glass bongs provide a better performance as compared to bongs made of other material.