Why is my vape pen blinking

Why is my vape pen blinking? If you ask yourself this question, you should know that vape pens blink for different reasons. So if your vape pen is blinking - don't be alarmed. In 99% of cases, the causes of blinking are harmless. The reason depends on the device type and model.

Check which signal is blinking

On different models, manufacturers use different light designations. The most

common variants are:

  • Battery level information;

  • Notification of errors in the configuration assembly of the device

  • Fault message.

Sometimes the light signal is just visual support for turning the device on and off. Previously, such a feature was often used; now, it is out of fashion. Two LEDs blink on your vape pen at once. For example, a battery charging sensor and a faulty sensor. To understand what is what, look at the user manual. There you will find:

  • The purpose of each diode;

  • Information on what the number of blinks means.

Yes, this is also important. Usually, the LED lights blink not chaotically but in short series of 3 to 15 times. Therefore, count the number of LED light signals.

The vape pen blinks three times

For modern vape pens, it is characteristic of blinking three times when the resistance of the atomizer does not coincide with the power the battery can provide. If the atomizer is screwed to the mode too much, the plus contact is pinched, and a short circuit is obtained. A 3x indicator signal indicates this.

The vape pen blinks four times

The pod system gives such a sign in several cases. Also, four blinks may indicate that the cartridge is in loose contact with the contacts. You need to pull out the cartridge, check the contacts and clean them if necessary, then firmly insert the cartridge into the socket.

The vape pen blinks five times

If, for example, the BBTank B650 blinks five times, after which it does not work, or the indicator blinks continuously, we can discuss a device malfunction. The only thing the user can do in such a situation is to pull out the cartridge and put it in place again. The vape pen may be returned to regular use after such manipulations.

The vape pen blinks ten times

Put the vape pen on charge when the indicator blinks ten times a row. The fact that the battery sat down indicates a decrease in steam level; it is harder to inhale it. If the signal is ignored, the vape pen will turn off altogether. It will blink when you try to turn it on, but it will still turn off.

The vape pen blinks with a specific sequence

In a disposable device, blinking three times often means the battery is discharged. The only thing you can do is smoke the e-juice while the coil is still warming up. Sometimes such a nuisance happens to new devices.

The second option- the vape pens were stored in the cold. At temperatures below 10 degrees, the batteries discharge quickly. To insure against such failures, buy original branded devices from a reliable seller.

Reusable devices with a full-fledged chipset have a different situation. There are several LED light codes - and each reports certain information. For example, three times blinks may mean that: The connector wire has moved away. Therefore, no current is supplied to the coil. A short circuit occurred. You put the wrong coil. A battery with this resistance does not work.

There are no mandatory standards, and manufacturers act to the best of their imagination. Therefore, study the user manual- you will find all the necessary information there.

The vape pen blinks without interruption

Such light music looks alarming. But the reason is simple: the tank leaks in the device. The liquid got into the coil, the recognition area shrunk, and now the light bulb blinks without stopping. So the second option for closing reactions in the recognizer - is for the light bulb to go out. Gently tap the device on the palm to shake out the liquid. Usually, this simple way helps. If not, remove the coil, wet the connection point with a napkin, and dry the device in disassembled form. After switching it on, it should work.