What is a vape pen?

Hon Lik- the person who made vaping what it is in our days. The first e-cigarette was innovated in 2003. At the moment, there are several varieties, one of which is vape pens. A vape pen, or electronic cigarette, consists of a battery and a cartridge or tank with a flavored filler. Heated flavored e-liquid generates steam, which is then inhaled. Vape pens run by a built-in or removable battery are relatively portable, lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to use. In addition, most vape pens feature a cylindrical shape and are compact in size, so they easily fit into a handbag or pocket. So, what is a vape pen existing?

Types of vape pens

Vape pen devices take their name from their rounded pen-style form and are available in different types and sizes. The vape pens usually enable lower power than other vape devices. The vape pens consist of a battery and either a tank or a cartridge that stores the e-liquid, or in the case of cartridges, oils, or concentrate. They usually feature buttonless or single-button designs. Many newer models also feature adjustable airflow, which allows you to adjust your inhalation between tighter and airier puffs. All vapes currently on the market can be classified as reusable and disposable.

Disposable vape pens- usually do not have removable parts or a rechargeable battery, but could be exceptions like:

HQD Cuvie Air- disposable rechargeable vape pen with a solid case. This device features no refiling option but employs a Micro-USB port for battery recharge.

BBTank C530R- disposable vape pen with non-rechargeable battery and refillable cartridge.

This means that as soon as the liquid runs out or the battery is completely discharged, the device should be sent for recycling. [since disposable devices have a built-in battery, they should not be thrown into the trash can. The chemical composition of batteries critically affects the environment]. 

Reusable vape pens- devices with integrated or removable batteries and removable and reusable filler compartments. Besides the difference in size, shape, and color, reusable vape pens differ by filler compartments. Devices with tanks employ e-liquids and enable DTL puffs. Devices with cartridges employ vape concentrates and oils and enable MTL puffs.

How do they work?

Vape pens, regardless of model and type, have identical functionality. The battery supplies energy to a heating element that heats the e-juice sufficiently to generate steam. The underlying procedure remains the same for all existing vape devices, like box mods, wax vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, and vape pods. The vape pens usually feature buttonless or single-button designs. Buttonless devices turn on by the puff sensor, and the devices with a single button turn on with five sequential presses. Moreover, the vape pens feature pre-adjusted wattage output, calculated especially for used filler. 


What is a vape pen?- a portable device with a possible or with no possibility for battery recharge or filler compartment refiling. The battery and filler compartment could be integrated or replaceable. The vape pens feature compact shapes for use on the go. Devices of this type are suitable for novice users or lovers of compact vape devices.