What is a dry herb vaporizer, and how to clean vaporizer?

Since humanity is constantly progressing, people have invented how to extract healthy substances from tobacco, hemp, and other dry herbs. Today we will briefly tell you about vaporizers and also will answer the question: "Why are vaporizers needed?", "How to clean vaporizer?" "How to use them?". A vaporizer is a device for the smokeless evaporation of dried plants and allows you to get only the substances you need without resins, carcinogens, and other harm. So, the vaporizers known to the world divide into external conductive heating, portable electronic conductive heating, desktop convection heating passive, desktop convection heating active, desktop conductive heating, and portable electronic convection. But since engineering thought is diverse, this division is conditional; there are aggregates with various functions and hybrid and universal constructions.

Why do you need a vaporizer?

The benefits of inhalation using a vaporizer are indisputable, especially since the first models of devices were created by doctors exclusively for medical purposes. Introduction into the body of healing herbs and essential oils extracts by phytoingalation is a highly economical and fast method for achieving therapeutic and prophylactic action; since five to ten times fewer herbal preparations need than other administration methods. In addition, the effects occur after a few minutes since the volatile fractions of herbs are quickly absorbed by the lungs and penetrate the general bloodstream, affecting human organs and tissues. Now vaporizers are also used for pleasure. In addition, anyone can understand how to use the device by simply reading the instructions.

Principle of operation of dry herb vaporizer

The principle of operation consists of the effect of high temperatures on the dried plant without lighting it. According to research, the efficiency of the vaporizer is twice as high as other devices for using herbs and allows you to extract the purest vapors without harmful impurities. When choosing a vaporizer, you should pay attention to the presence of a digital or analog display with the ability to control accurately and regulate the temperature since different plants and extracts release their useful substances as efficiently as possible at different evaporation temperatures. The most comfortable vaping is in the 170 to 210˚C range. It is also worth knowing that there are vaporizers for evaporating dry herbs and universal vaporizers that can work with herbs and liquids, oil, pastelike, and wax extracts.

How to clean vaporizers?

The vaporizer must be clean! How to clean vaporizers and how to prevent their contamination?

Caring for a vaporizer is not difficult; the main thing is to prevent the accumulation of litter and resin in the functional elements of the device. Neglect of hygiene entails undesirable consequences. 

  • The contaminated bowl and untreated mouthpiece degrade the taste and aroma of the steam.

  • Clogging filters, ducts, and holes at the bottom of the chamber can limit the circulation of airflows, which weakens the traction and reduces the device's productivity.

  • Difficult air movement increases the load on the evaporator and leads to premature wear.

Prevent entering tar into the airflow

A caustic resin forms during the evaporation of herbs, so it is essential to immediately remove oily emissions from the air duct to protect structural elements from pollution. In addition, resin accumulations narrow the diameter of the air paths and slow the circulation of air, which leads to a weakening of the thrust.

Keep the chamber clean

Tiny particles of herbs stuck in the holes at the bottom of the bowl can spoil all the pleasure of vaporizing, mixing the flavors of bitterness and burning. Advanced convection vaporizers will work well only after cleaning the chamber when nothing prevents the movement of heated air. In conducting vaporizers, herbs litter forms a baked layer on the heating element, which prevents the fresh product from warming up. Therefore, do not avoid removing trash from the bowl and cleaning the clogged camera holes after the session. The residue of the herbs effortlessly sweeps out of the chamber with the brush that contains the kit, and the resin stains remove with a soft microfibre wipe wetted with alcohol. Also, for the cleaning process, convenient to use Vivismoke Ultrasonic Cleaner Mini.

Replace filters or clean them

Clogging the filter cells interferes with the passage of steam and worsens its taste, so the filter must be regularly cleaned with special sticks that may be in the device kit. In extreme cases, you can replace a heavily contaminated filter.

You can find out how to clean the vaporizer in more detail if you read the instructions for your device or search the Internet. In this article, we describe common ways to keep these devices clean.