How to charge a vape pen?

How to charge a vape pen? What kind of charger is needed? And what about an external charger? Can I use USB and PowerBank? So, how to charge a vape pen?

Vape pens charge via a USB cable and are designed to be charged by other electronic devices, such as a PC, laptop, or even by USB car charger. Three standard ways of vape pen charging cords depend on what you have.

  • From USB;

  • Via 510 connector;

  • From the network.

How to charge a vape pen correctly?

A USB connector is provided in the device case if there is a power supply. It is through the USB connector that the device is charged. At low capacity, the battery charges in 30 minutes.

From USB

All vape pens are higher in class than entry-level eGo, connected to charging via USB [micro]. In this way, you can charge,

for example, GV MAX and BBTank B650 vapes. Among the advantages of charging via micro USB are the following:

  • No need to disconnect the coil when connected to the power supply;

  • Versatility - you can use a charger from other devices;

The presence of the Pass-through function allows the user to soar while recharging the battery.

Via 510 connector

This method is used in eGo format vape pens. To connect the device to the charger, you need to disconnect the clyromizer.

The advantage of such a connection is that during the operation of the device, the contacts are hidden under the coil and are protected from accidental ingress

of moisture. The main drawback of connecting through connector 510 is a special charger. If there is no charging or it fails, you will have to buy a new one.

From the network

You can also charge a vape pen from the mains if you use a simple mains adapter with the appropriate voltage and current output to connect a USB cable. 

Also, some devices employ external batteries, which are better to charge using a charger for removable batteries.

Can I use Power Bank?

Please, he is created for this. Moreover, PawerBank makes no difference whether it charges a vape, smartphone, or laptop [this also happens]. But keep in mind that the battery capacity in a vape pen can be many times larger than in a phone.

Battery charging time

The time during which the battery gains full charge directly depends on the capacitance of the battery and the current that the charger can output. It is effortless to calculate the charging time if you want to use a power supply from another device. For this, there exists the formula T = 1.4 C/I, where:

  • T is the time in hours for which you need to charge the battery;

  • 1.4 - coefficient, calculated from the average charging efficiency and used for correction;

  • C - battery capacity in mAh [milliampere per hour], which can be found in the instructions for the device;

  • I - is the current strength of the charger.

For example, your vape pen has a 900 mAh battery, and the charger can deliver 500 mA. If we substitute this data into the formula, we get T = 1.4 * 900/500 = 2.52. Thus, it will take about 3 hours to charge a 900mAh battery.

Note: Don't leave the vape pen connected to the charger for the whole night.