How long does it take for a vape pen to charge?

The vape pens have wide varieties, but the principle of operation is the same: when you press the firing button, the circuit closes, the heating element heats up and turns the liquid that got to it through the wick into steam, which the user inhales. The only goal the vape manufacturers had was to stimulate quitting cigarettes. Today, vape pens are a separate area, but they are just as intended to supply the body with nicotine and other active components and extracts without saturating the lungs with carbon monoxide, soot, and tar. But before starting the vaping process, the battery of the device needs to charge. 

Do you know how long does it take for a vape pen to charge?

Generally, vape pens feature a battery capacity between 650mAh and 1600mah, and the charging process takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours on average. But, the vape devices differ from each other not only in shape, color, and functionality but also in the type and volume of the battery. The battery could be integrated and removable. The vape pens feature three types of charging ports- Type C, micro USB, and eGo. Charging through a Type C port is considered the fastest of the listed 3 types because Type C supports fast charging methods. 

  • Type C enables up to 3.0A power at 5V.
  • Micro USB enables up to 1.0A power at 5V.
  • eGo USB enables up to 0.5A power at 5V.

To calculate the exact charging time of the vape pen battery, need battery power and the power of the charger.

Charging a 10,000mAh battery with 5V/1A charger takes 10 hours.

Charging a 10,000mAh battery with 5V/2A charger takes 5 hours.

  • Charging the battery of 1500mAh through the Type C port with 5V/2A output takes 45 minutes.
  • Charging the battery of 1500mah through the micro USB port with 5V/1.0A output takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Charging the battery of 1500mah through the eGo USB adapter with 5V/0.5A output takes 3 hours.

Pay attention to the power output of the USB wall charger which is in use. If the charger enables maximum output of 1.0A, the Type C cord charges the battery in 1 hour and 30 minutes, the same as the micro USB cords do. This calculation method applies not only to devices with built-in batteries but also to removable batteries charged through external devices, such as the Efest Luc V8 battery charger.

Possible malfunctions

  • The indicator flashed three times when the charging was connected- a short circuit;
  • The absence of any signals is an infraction of contacts inside a vape pen or battery;
  • Fast discharge, little steam- the battery is running out of resources.


It is essential to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for a vape pen. Otherwise, the battery will fail before the due time is worked out. In addition, the cleanliness of the device must be monitored, and the device should be kept in a dry place; to prevent overheating of the power supply element. Charge one time a day if the device was used, and use power supplies with suitable parameters.