How long does a marijuana high last? Whether you wish to procure marijuana medicinal privileges or enjoy your time, it is essential to understand the elements that can influence your experience. One of the most common concerns about marijuana consumption is how long its effects can linger. Well, there is no simple answer for that because it relies on various factors. This guide will reveal the time interval for which you can feel the marijuana high and how to control it.

How long does a marijuana high last?

It's impossible to determine the exact time, but a smoker can feel the effects of marijuana for 20 minutes-12 hours. The period of a marijuana high relies on various factors, but majorly it is influenced by:

  1. Consumption Method 

The way a user takes marijuana can affect the onset and length of high:

● Smoking: 

Some data proposes that smoking marijuana can induce an immediate high within 25-30 minutes. The peak effects of marijuana normally last for 1-3 hours after smoking, but consumers can feel the light effects for a few more hours.

● Ingesting: 

Ingesting marijuana works contrarily. After ingestion, marijuana can take 1 to 3 hours to kick in according to the metabolism of the consumer and the effects can stay for about 6 hours.

● Dabbing:

Like smoking, dabbing marijuana concentrates can immediately produce a high. The length of such a high relies upon the tolerance of consumers. Regular high T.H.C. dab users can experience the effects for 1-3 hrs, while a newbie can stay stoned for the whole day.

  1. Type of Marijuana Strains Used

The quantity of C.B.D. and T.H.C. in marijuana strains can influence a marijuana-induced high. A high T.H.C. strain is likely to produce an extended and strong high, however, a strain carrying both C.B.D. and T.H.C. will cause a balanced effect. Hashish and Sinsemilla are the most potent forms of marijuana because they possess high T.H.C. levels.

  1. How to bring down marijuana high? 

An intense marijuana high can generate some disturbing conditions like anxiety and paranoia. Some tips for the users who want to cut down such disturbing effects as instantly as possible are mentioned below:

Take a nap

If a user experiences paranoia, a short rest can help him feel relaxed. Moreover, your body will get more time to eliminate marijuana out of your system.

Cold bath

Taking a cold shower can reduce the effects, and the user will feel more active and alert.

Take C.B.D. oil

C.B.D. neutralizes the effects of T.H.C. which means taking C.B.D. oil can reduce the strength of marijuana high. But remember that these tips can lessen the marijuana effects, not terminate them altogether.

  1. How to extend marijuana high?

If someone craves a prolonged high, he should consider taking edibles. Although edibles do not provoke a quick onset, they can produce Yocan Evolve a prolonged high can be ordered here Gypsy VapesThe user will feel high for a more extended period which is beneficial if you are consuming marijuana for medicinal objectives. Moreover, you can use high T.H.C. strains or higher doses of marijuana to have an extended high, but they will have medicinal consequences. It would be wise to stick to low doses, that’s why the smoking pipes are so effective.

How long does a marijuana high last?

Marijuana-induced high relies on the type of marijuana strain and how you consume it.  We will recommend using strains with high C.B.D. quantities to lessen the unhealthy effects of T.H.C. on your mind and body. It would be best to only use marijuana for medical purposes.