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Yocan Stix Wax Pen

Yocan Stix Wax Pen
Yocan Stix Wax Pen
Yocan Stix Wax Pen
Yocan Stix Wax Pen
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Yocan Stix Wax Pen
Yocan Stix Wax Pen
Yocan Stix Wax Pen
Yocan Stix Wax Pen
Yocan Stix Wax Pen
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  • Model: Yocan STIX Concentrate Pen
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
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Yocan Stix Wax Pen 320mAh

The Yocan Stix Battery is a mobile, sensitive oil pen perfect for vaping your famous concentrates. The Yocan Battery features a ceramic coil atomizer, a 32OmAh battery, and three heat settings. The Battery is leisurely and hygienic, making it an excellent choice for newbies and experienced users. The Yocan Battery is one of the most packed and light concentrate vaporizers.


  • Slim and mobile structure
  • Ceramic coil atomizer
  • Three heat settings
  • Uncomplicated to utilize and clean
  • Affordable price


The Yocan Stix is an innovative, modern pen that measures 4 inches long and only 2 ounces. The Yocan manual has a cylindrical structure with a black finish and a magnetic mouthpiece. The Battery is discovered at the base of the gadget and is readily accessible for setting. The atomizer is at the gadget's top and held in place by a magnetic contact. The Yocan created the Yocan manual with the most useful size-to-quality-to-price ratio. Consequently, this all-in-one instrument is just for fans of fine and packed conditions.

User Friendly

Like other wax pens, the Yocan Stix charging is an uncomplicated device. Load your concentrate into the atomizer, attach the mouthpiece, and turn it on. The Yocan Stix charging has a built-in LED needle that will light up to show the present temperature background. You can modify the temperature background by pressing the control switch three times. Once the Yocan has reached the desired temperature, inhale through the mouthpiece to vaporize your concentrate.


The Yocan Stix Pen features a ceramic coil atomizer. Ceramics is a highly heat-resistant material that is known for making flavorful vapor. The coil structure allows more efficient heating and vaporization of your concentrate.


  • Product Type: Oil Vape Pen
  • Battery Type: Integrated Rechargeable
  • Battery: 32OmAh
  • Varying Voltage: 3-Stage Level
  • Vaping Method: Conduction Heat
  • Airflow: Isolated Path
  • Single Button Function
  • LED Indicator Lamp
  • Public in: Black, Red, Blue, 0range, Silver
  • Short-Circuit Protection

Charging Requirments

  • Charging Method: AC/USB [5.OV/5OOmA]
  • Charging: Micro-USB Port


  • Size: 107.7mm
  • Width: 10mm
  • Net Weight: 73.7g

Stix Include

  • 1x Yocan Stix Pen

How To Use

If you are looking for a miniature, mobile, and affordable oil pen, the Yocan Stix is a superb choice. The pen is created with high-quality materials, is leisurely to operate, and provides characteristics that make it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced users like Yocan Armor. The Yocan pen's unparalleled portability, versatility, simplicity, extended battery life, and safety features create a unique vaping background that surpasses expectations.

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