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Airis Turboo

Airis Turboo
Airis Turboo
Airis Turboo
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Airis Turboo
Airis Turboo
Airis Turboo
Airis Turboo
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Airis Turboo 510 Vaporizer

The Airis Turboo vaporizer is a discreet and convenient device for enjoying your preferred oil cartridges. Resembling a car key fob, it offers inconspicuous portability, allowing you to use it without attracting unwanted attention. The Airis Turboo vaporizer also boasts compatibility with a wide range of 510 thread cartridges. It features a variable voltage battery, allowing you to tailor your vaping experience to your liking.


  • Discreet and portable. It looks like a car key fob and can be easily carried anywhere.
  • It's compatible with most 510 thread cartridges so you can use it with different oils.
  • A variable-voltage battery allows you to customize your vaping experience according to your preference and the oil you use.
  • A preheating function allows you to warm up your oil before vaping for smoother and more efficient hits.
  • A flip-out mechanism to hide or reveal your cartridge with a simple button push.
  • An LED indicator to easily monitor your battery level and voltage setting.
  • A micro USB port can charge conveniently with any USB charger.
  • A lanyard chain to attach to your keys or neck for easy access.


The Airistech Turboo vaporizer boasts a sleek and compact design, perfectly sized to rest in the palm of your hand or slip into your pocket. The Airistech Turboo vaporizer is crafted from durable yet lightweight zinc alloy, offering longevity and portability. This remarkable vaping device simplifies your vaping experience with a singular multifunction button, allowing you to regulate power and voltage and initiate preheating. Additionally, this button unveils a concealed cartridge slot with the press of a button. The cartridge slot is spacious enough to accommodate cartridges up to 12mm in diameter and features a convenient 510 thread connection.

Keeping you informed and in control, the Airis Turboo vaporizer features an LED indicator like the Flowermate Wix Wax pen, displaying both the battery level and your chosen voltage setting. Charging this versatile device is a breeze, thanks to its micro USB port, and it comes with a handy lanyard chain for effortless portability.

Easy to Use

Operating the Airistech Turbo vaporizer is a breeze. To power it on or off, perform five quick button presses. Adjusting the voltage is straightforward; three rapid button presses will do the trick. The Airistech Turbo offers three voltage options: green (3.4V), blue (3.7V), and red (4.2V). Tailor the voltage to your liking and meet your oil requirements. To initiate the preheating function, execute two quick button presses. This feature warms the cartridge for 15 seconds, priming the oil for vaporization. A single button press will suffice if you must abort the preheating process. Finally, enjoy your concentrate vaporizer by pressing and holding the button while drawing from the cartridge's mouthpiece.


The Airis Turbo vaporizer provides power to the cartridges through the 510 thread connection and allows you to control the voltage output. The voltage output determines how hot the heating elements get and how much vapor they produce. The higher the voltage, the hotter the heating elements and the more moisture they have.


  • Compatible: 510 Thread Oil Cartridges (Up to 12mm Diameter)
  • Connection: 510 Thread
  • Power: 450mAh LiIon Battery
  • Single Button Operation: Perfect for Beginners
  • 5Click: ON/OFF Switch
  • 3Click: Voltage Switch
  • 2Click: Preheat Mode
  • Power LED Light Indicator (3.4V Green, 3.7V Blue, 4.2V Red)
  • Charging: Micro USB
  • Height: 91mm
  • Width: 45mm
  • Depth: 19.5mm
  • Weight: 1.76oz


  • 1x Airistech Turbo
  • 1x Lanyard
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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