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Airis Tripod Airis Tripod
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Airis Tripod Vaporizer The Airis Tripod vaporizer is a compact and adaptable device that efficiently vaporizes dry herbs, wax, and oil. The Airis Tripod vaporizer comes equipped with three atomizers that can be effortlessly interchanged, offering you the flexibility to enjoy a variety of vaping exp..
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Airis Turboo Airis Turboo
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Airis Turboo 510 Vaporizer The Airis Turboo vaporizer is a discreet and convenient device for enjoying your preferred oil cartridges. Resembling a car key fob, it offers inconspicuous portability, allowing you to use it without attracting unwanted attention. The Airis Turboo vaporizer also boasts c..
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Airis Dabble Bong Vaporizer Airis Dabble Bong Vaporizer
New -26 %
Airis Dabble Bong Vaporizer The Airis Dabble bong vaporizer is a versatile and portable tool that provides a unique way to savor your preferred wax concentrates. It's a standalone dab pen and an adaptable attachment for your glass bong, ensuring smoother and more relaxed inhalations. Whether you se..
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Airis Vape Quaser Airis Vape Quaser
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Airis Vape Quaser Wax Pen Vaporizer If you're in the market for a portable and easy-to-use wax pen vaporizer, the Airis Vape Quaser wax pen vaporizer should be on your radar. The Airis Vape Quaser wax pen is a compact and stylish device, perfect for use on the go. Moreover, this wax vaporizer has e..
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Airis Air Wax Pen Airis Air Wax Pen
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Airis Air Wax Pen - A Portable and Powerful Are you looking for a vaporizer that can deliver smooth and flavorful hits without compromising portability and convenience? If so, check out the Airis vape pen. The Airis vape pen combines a sleek design, advanced functionality, and high-quality heating ..
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Airistech 8 Dip and Dab Vaporizer Airistech 8 Dip and Dab Vaporizer
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Airistech Airis 8 Dab Pen 2 in 1 The Airistech Airis 8 dab pen vaporizer is a compact and versatile device for concentrate enthusiasts. It offers two distinct ways to enjoy your concentration. The Airis 8 is a conventional dab pen featuring a dual quartz coil and an electric nectar collector with a..
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Airis 5G Vaporizer Airis 5G Vaporizer
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Airistech Herbva 5G Vaporizer For Dry Herbs Whether you're looking for a device for on-the-go herb enjoyment or a tool to unwind at home, the Airistech Herbva 5G vaporizer is the versatile solution to satisfy your requirements. Its compact size and inconspicuous design make it one of the most discr..
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Airis Gethi G6 Vaporizer Airis Gethi G6 Vaporizer
New -31 %
Airis Gethi G6 The Airis Gethi G6 is a high-end vaping device with a robust 1800mAh battery. It provides three easily modifiable temperature options for a tailored vaping experience. Its premium ceramic chamber ensures the heating of dry herbs without combustion, delivering a pure and enjoyable vap..
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Airis Nokiva Vaporizer Airis Nokiva Vaporizer
New -17 %
Airis Herbva Nokiva Vaporizer The Airis Herbva Nokiva vaporizer is a convenient, portable solution for dry herb enjoyment without combustion. With its streamlined, compact aesthetic, it boasts an OLED screen, a ceramic heating chamber, and a robust battery. Additionally, it offers two mouthpiece op..
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